The Bachelor in Computer Science at IAC is a new cutting-edge program designed to satisfy the fast-growing demands for innovative and intelligent systems in our society. Computer science has revolutionized every single job sector internationally, changing the world with innovation, efficiency, and improvement of our daily lives. From the way we live to the way we work, communicate and travel, computer science is constantly developing to better society through the realization of brand-new concepts. The BS in Computer Science program at the School of Informatics and Robotics (SIR-IAC) aims to impart a research-oriented and design-centered education producing individuals that would transform the IT industry. Computer science specialists are in high demand throughout the global market. With our practical, flexible, and specialization options to enhance your abilities, you will have an unmatched advantage in any job market, mastering both technical and soft skills that will help you succeed anywhere at any level.

Our mission is to provide graduates with strong Computer Science skills that will enable them to capitalize on the increasing career opportunities in the computer science sector, to expand the limits of their knowledge by pursuing further studies, and to explore innovative approaches to computer related problems. The BS in Computer Science program at the School of Informatics and Robotics (SIR-IAC), focuses on the key areas that matter to the industry and organizations today and provides choice of specialization in three major areas and domains of computer science studies classified as Data Sciences, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. These specializations provide highly demanded expertise, a great mobility and flexibility, and an impressive range of possible career choices in the Computer Science industry. The specialization is determined by the choice of required and elective courses taken by a student.

Application form and processing fee: Rs. 1,000/-
Registration / Admission fee: Rs. 20,000/-
Security (Refundable) Rs. 20,000/-
Tuition fee Per 1 Credit hour of Theory (Non-Lab Credit Hour) Rs. 7,500/- Per Credit Hour
Tuition fee Per 1 Credit hour of Computer Lab / Studio / Practical Lab Rs. 9,500/- Per Credit Hour)
Miscellaneous Rs. 10,000/-


Code Course Title Crdt Hrs. Pre Req.
NSC-101 Applied Physics 3(2+1) None
QTR-101 Calculus and Analytical Geometry 3(3+0) None
EWR-101 Introduction to Expository Writing 3(3+0) None
AHM-101 Introduction to Philosophy 3(3+0) None
SOC-101 Industrial & Organizational Psychology 3(3+0) None
ISM-101 Islamic Studies 3(3+0) None
  Total Credit Hours 18(17+1)  
Course Code Course Title Crdt Hrs. Pre Req.
CSC-101 Introduction to ICT 3(2+1) None
NSC-102 Science and Scientific Methods 3(3+0) None
QTR-102 Probability and Business Statistics 3(3+0) QTR-101
EWR-102 Cross-Cultural Comm. & Translation Skills 3(3+0) EWR-101
AHM-102 Professional Practices 3(3+0) None
SOC-102 Social Entrepreneurship 3(3+0) None
  Total Credit Hours 18(17+1)  
Course Code Course Title Crdt Hrs. Pre Req.
CSC-202 Discrete Structures 3(3+0) None
EWR-201 Critical Reading and Academic Writing 3(3+0) EWR-102
CSC-203 Programming Fundamentals 3(2+1) None
PST-201 Pakistan Studies 3(3+0) None
CSD/CSA/CSR Specialization Elective-I / Minor-I 3(3+0) ***
  Total Credit Hours 15(14+1)  
Course Code Course Title Crdt Hrs. Pre Req.
CSC-204 Object Oriented Programming 3(2+1) CSC-203
CSC-205 Introduction to Software Engineering 3(3+0) CSC-201
CSS-201 Digital Logic and Design 3(2+1) CSC-201
MAT-*** Differential Equations 3(3+0) ***
CSD/CSA/CSR Specialization Elective-II/ Minor-II 3(3+0) ***
  Total Credit Hours 15(13+2)  
Course Code Course Title Crdt Hrs. Pre Req.
CSC-306 Data Structures & Algorithms 3(2+1) CSC-203
CSC-307 Introduction to Operating Systems 3(2+1) CSC-201
MGT-*** Financial Management 3(3+0) ***
CSS-301 Computer Organization and Assembly Language 3(2+1) CSC-203
PHY-*** Introduction to Circuit Theory 3(2+1) ***
CSD/CSA/CSR Specialization Elective-III/ Minor-III 3(3+0) ***
  Total Credit Hours 18(15+3)  
Course Code Course Title Crdt Hrs. Pre Req.
CSS-302 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 3(2+1) CSC-306
CSC-308 Data Communication & Networking 3(2+1) CSC-307
CSC-309 Introduction to Database Systems 3(2+1) CSC-201
MGT-*** Business Process Reengineering 3(3+0) ***
MGT-*** Financial Accounting 3(3+0) ***
CSD/CSA/CSR Specialization Elective-IV/ Minor-IV 3(3+0) ***
  Total Credit Hours 18(15+3)  
Course Code Course Title Crdt Hrs. Pre Req.
CSS-401 Theory of Automata 3(3+0) None
CSC-410 Information Security and Privacy 3(3+0) CSC-201
CSE-404 Software Quality Assurance 3(3+0) ***
CSS-498 Final Project - I 3(0+3) ***
CSD/CSA/CSR Specialization Elective-V/ Minor-V 3(3+0) ***
  Total Credit Hours 15(12+3)  
Course Code Course Title Crdt Hrs. Pre Req.
CSS-402 Compiler Construction 3(3+0) CSS-401
CSC-411 Introduction to Research Methodology 3(3+0) None
ITC-405 IT Project Management 3(2+1) ***
CSS-499 Final Project - II 3(0+3) CSS-498
CSD/CSA/CSR Specialization Elective-VI/ Minor-VI 3(3+0) ***
  Total Credit Hours 15(11+4)  

List of Specialization Courses in Data Science

Code Course Title Crdt Hrs.
CSD-*** Introduction to Data Science 3(3+0)
CSD-*** Distributed Database Systems 3(3+0)
CSD-*** Data Simulation and Modeling 3(3+0)
CSD-*** Statistics for Decision-Making 3(3+0)
CSD-*** Econometrics 3(3+0)
CSD-*** Data Warehousing and Data Mining 3(3+0)
CSD-*** Scientific Visualization 3(3+0)
CSD-*** Applied Data Science 3(3+0)
CSD-*** Python Programming and Data Science 3(3+0)
CSD-*** Managing Digital Influence 3(3+0)
CSD-*** Medical Informatics 3(3+0)
CSD-*** Advanced Topics in Data Science 3(3+0)

List of Specialization Courses in Artificial Intelligence

Code Course Title Crdt Hrs.
CSA-*** Basics of Machine Learning 3(3+0)
CSA-*** Natural Language Processing 3(3+0)
CSA-*** Neural Networks and Deep Learning 3(3+0)
CSA-*** Computer Vision 3(3+0)
CSA-*** Human Computer Interaction 3(3+0)
CSA-*** Deep Learning 3(3+0)
CSA-*** Unsupervised Machine Learning 3(3+0)
CSA-*** Evolutionary Computation 3(3+0)
CSA-*** Expert Systems 3(3+0)
CSA-*** Introduction to Robotics 3(2+1)
CSA-*** Virtual Reality for AI 3(2+1)
CSA-*** Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence 3(3+0)

List of Specialization Courses in Robotics

Code Course Title Crdt Hrs.
CSR-*** Introduction to Robotics 3(2+1)
CSR-*** Electronic Circuits and Design 3(2+1)
CSR-*** Robotic System Design 3(2+1)
CSR-*** Machine Design with CAD 3(2+1)
CSR-*** Mechanics - Kinematics and Dynamics 3(2+1)
CSR-*** Signals and Systems 3(2+1)
CSR-*** Microcontroller Programming 3(2+1)
CSR-*** Industrial Robotics and Automation 3(2+1)
CSR-*** Data Science and Deep Learning 3(2+1)
CSR-*** Human Computer Interaction 3(3+0)
CSR-*** Introduction to Cognitive Robotics 3(3+0)
CSR-*** Advanced Topics in Robotics 3(3+0)