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School of

Culture and Language

School of Art

• Bachelor of Development and Culture

• Bachelor of Fine Arts

• Bachelor of Textile Design

• Bachelor of Graphic Design


All about this school

All about this school


School of Architecture, Design and


School of

Digital and Cinematic Art

• Bachelor of Film & Television

• Bachelor of Animation Design

• Bachelor of Game Design

• Bachelor of Architecture

• Bachelor of Interior Design

• Bachelor of Landscape     Architecture

All about this school

All about this school




Purpose-built Campus

At IAC we have a purpose-built campus located on Raiwind Road, an ideal location, with very well linked transportation network. The environment friendly Campus building has state of the art facilities comprising studios, lecture theaters, seminar rooms, fully equipped computer facilities, exhibition gallery, auditorium, amphitheaters, stationary shop, cafeteria, parking facility botanical and herbal garden. Other facilities include student counseling services, health care facilities, student development center and child day care center.


The Library at IAC is continually growing with new additions. In addition, the IAC Library is equipped with the latest publications and journals relevant to the Schools. The Library also contains a vast reference section.


IAC maintains a dedicated Archival Section with a range of archival collections including the master artists like Khalid Iqbal, Anna Molka Ahmed, Colin David et al, Architects like Shaukat Nawaz Raja, designers and creative artists as well as important collections such as the Masood Khadarposh Trust and such others.

Herb Garden

The IAC Campus has a Botanical and Herb Garden to promote its approach towards passive environmental control, safeguarding endangered species and educative aspects regarding regional flora and fauna, specially the endangered variety. A Herbal and Fruit Garden is also part of this plantation.


This facility is available to all, students & faculty, along with guests. The vehicles used by students, faculty and other administrative staff have to be registered with Campus Security which will issue a parking permit/sticker.

  • Entry Requirements

    Intermediate FA/FSc with minimum second division pass;

    A Levels minimum 3 subjects pass. International Baccalaureate Diploma result with minimum 2.5 GPA (and equivalence certificate from IBCC) Enrollment is open to all applicants who have completed or will complete and meet the above criteria.


    Admissions to IAC are open to all Pakistani nationals (including Gilgit-Baltistan, AJK & FATA) and international students who meet the requisite admission criteria regardless of color, creed, gender or age.

    Women and Men candidates from underprivileged backgrounds, minorities and those with disabilities are encouraged to apply.


    Merit cum Need based scholarships; Loans, Work on Campus etc. are available for deserving candidates.

  • Prospectus With Application Form

    Prospectus with the application form can be purchased from the campus or downloaded from the website. The application form must be completed on both sides. The space for intent can be filled in any of the three languages , English, Urdu or Punjabi

    Applicants must state the degree for which applying and in case they wish to try for more than one, they must show their priority in the number box against each degree.   Completed form must be submitted to the admission office on the campus.

    There is a back side of the form which also must be filled. The statement of intent is for the student to write what he hopes to do in life and why does he want to study the subject of his choice.

    Students will be given a number slip to be able to take the entry tests.

  • Entry Test/s & Portfolio Evaluation

    Language Test:


    All applicants would be tested in three languages, English, Urdu and Punjabi, written and oral. Levels in language are defined as (i) Basic  (ii) Good (iii) Excellent. Students are required to study the language courses offered so that they are at  ‘Good’ level in all three and at ‘Excellent’ in one. All those already proficient at the desired level in any language would be exempt from taking the courses in that language.


    Drawing /Aptitude test:


    Applicant for admission to degrees offered by School of Art, SDCA and SADU will be tested to gauge the student’s ability to observe and express in drawing what is observed.

    A test for logical thinking and understanding would be administered to applicants for degree of SADU and SADCA schools

    For admission in a degree offered by School of Culture and Language (SCL) the students is required to write up to 200 word on the back of the application form to explain what he wants to study and why. The student will mention his reasons for wanting admission in this course and his future hope and ambitions. Instead of the drawing test they are required to write an essay on the given topic.


    The successful candidates will be called for interview. The school can schedule written tests and interview on the same day. The successful candidates will receive provisional letter of acceptance from the school.


    Interview & Portfolio:


    A panel of members from the concerned school’s faculty will collectively interview each candidate and assess her/his portfolio and communication skills.  A consideration at this point, is to balance the dynamics of the selected group at large, while facilitating individual student’s strength.


    Guidelines for Portfolio:


    • 10 actualized pieces of art work

    • Medium: There will be no restriction on medium and may employ any of the following or more:

    • 2D Drawings, Paintings, Sketchbooks

    • 3D sculptures, models, objects

    • Performances

    • Video and digital works

    Students have to bring their portfolio on the day of the interview, to allow the admission board to see the work first-hand and engage with the student on its basis.

  • Fee Structure

    The fee structure at the Institute for Art and Culture is based on cost per course of study, so that a student pays tuition fee only for what he or she studies. It is not a blanket charge per semester or a year. Every course is charged separately; for example if a student takes admission in a degree course he will pay tuition fee for the core courses and the electives. Some cost less than others so he can choose, in consultation with the Degree In-charge, what courses he can take for a particular summer and only pay for that. So he can vary from semester to semester depending upon his financial situation.

    If an applicant wants to take only one course he can do so and obtain a Certificate for having passed that course. He would pay tuition fee for that course alone.

    An applicant may also register in consultation with advisor for a set of courses over two semester with an independent study to earn a diploma and pay the tuition fee accordingly.

    At the time of admission an admission fee of Rs 10,000.00 is charged to cover the cost of testing etc.

    Security and other sundry charges may also apply.


    As per Section 236I of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 every educational institution is required to collect advance income tax at the rate of 5% on the amount of fee paid to an educational institution where the annual fee (excluding refundable security deposit) exceeds Rs. 200,000. This tax will be adjustable against final tax liability of the parent/guardian. So the student will be liable to pay advance income tax (where applicable) over and above the tuition fee.

  • Teaching and Learning at IAC

    Institute Core Courses (ICC):


    These are mandatory core courses offered by the Institute. Every student is required to pass these courses to qualify for the degree. These courses include

    Languages (Urdu, English & Punjabi at the level determined by the entry test)

    Islamic Studies

    Pakistan Studies

    Development of Mind, Knowledge and Civilization.


    Degree Core Courses (DCC):


    These are mandatory core courses offered by the School compulsory for the completion of degree program. Every student is required to pass these courses to qualify for the degree. These courses form the core of the discipline in which the degree is being offered.


    Elective Courses (EC):


    These are elective courses and the students can form various combinations in a given semester. The students shall have a choice to select a course from their area of interest from the Elective Courses after consultation with the course advisors. To register in any advanced level course, fulfilling the per-requisites of that course shall be essential.


    Interdisciplinary Approach at IAC:


    All the courses at IAC, especially the electives, will be open for all the schools to choose from. The aim of IAC is to provide an interdisciplinary and holistic environment to students where they can work and benefit from other disciplines and programs. To enable this, each school has designed such a framework for their programs that incorporate and encourages students to choose from a wide range of courses being offered throughout the institute, thus integrating other knowledge areas into the degree programs and exposing students to diversified subjects and courses.




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