An ever-growing array of assistance is provided through The Job Placement Cell (JPC) to undergraduate and graduate students in all aspects of career drafting, as well as in job and higher education settlements. It paves way for employers to pinpoint pertinent candidates and connects students with thriving professionals from diverse industries, which supports them flourish their professional competence and matching their skill set with the needs and conditions of potential employers.
We do our best for distinction in career assistance and placement services to provide convenience to undergraduate and graduate students by coming up with a range of career prospects through job and higher education placements within and beyond Pakistan. For career progression, we pursue to place our graduates in professionally developed administrations and provide a platform for our students to interact with prominent proficient trainers of the productiveness to boost their expertise at radical levels.


We envisage being acknowledged as an exceptional career service provider, enabling IAC students and graduates. We reassure them to hunt for prime educational and professional careers while instilling aspiring procedures and rehearses and upholding the premier degree of personal and professional veracity in our undertakings.


Considering the necessities of a competitive job arcade, the significance of professional growth along with academic brilliance cannot be overstated. Training breaks for professional development empower students to achieve self-reliance in the work they do and form integrity as they continue to attain new skills. We recurrently arrange an extensive range of training activities which comprise replicated interviews, guest speaker sessions, and mock assessments to polish perceptive expertise and enhance the employability skills of pupils. To administer these activities, we engage prominent and veteran specialists from numerous industries and corporate sectors, and each student prefers to attend these activities. We entirely emphasize the subsequent areas for skill evolution of IAC students
  • Resume Writing
  • Interview Competence
  • Being Ambitious and Discovering Progressive Professions
  • Communal Ethics
  • Personal and Interpersonal Skills
  • Personal Branding and Employability Skills
  • Negotiation Skills and Accepting/Declining an Offer
  • Optimizing the use of LinkedIn and Networking Techniques
  • A series of mentorship Sessions


The JPC team also offers precise assistance to students to help them in discovering suitable occupations based on their individual needs and skills. Students often visit our office to seek recommendations on the following
  • Effective Resume Writing
  • Employability and Interview Expertise
  • Discovering Forthcoming Careers & Internship Prospects
  • Graduate study abroad & Scholarship Opportunities

Personality Trait Assessment by Student Facilitation Center

IAC organizes “Personality Trait and Competencies Assessment” annually for senior year undergraduate students to get them ready for forthcoming career opportunities and trials. The valuation was designed to evaluate the student’s disposition, individualities, headship skills, situational problem-solving abilities, and other cognitive skills - which would significantly sharpen their enactment skills, both in terms of interview performance as well as work to prepare them for upcoming career openings and challenges. It also helps them to map their potential, prepare them for University-to-Work conversion, and set their career path hence. The ‘Trait’ assessment has already been incorporated in top international universities including RUBIKA and Others.

Off-Campus Corporate Exposure Program

It is a DAY-LONG professional mentoring program. Under this program, the senior, junior, and sophomore year students from IAC visit the offices of leading companies for a few convenient hours to seek the counsel of high-profile, experienced professionals from the corporate sector, as well as acclimatize to professional working environments.
The idea of this mentorship program is to prepare our students for the job market and practicalities of professional life as well as enable them to face workplace challenges of the future. The program would also provide an opportunity to the organizations if a short-term project is assigned to the IAC students.

Objectives of the Program

  • Professional & Personal Grooming of students.
  • Give exposure to a corporate working environment to students.
  • Help students in choosing appropriate careers.
  • Awareness of the professional values & work ethos
  • Improve Personal Branding and Employability Skills.
  • Enhance their Resume Writing and Interview skills.


Talent hunting is a real thing nowadays. Eminent companies approach prominent universities and institutions to hunt for new talents and genius employees.
A great number of national & international companies from various sectors come to IAC annually to mine the top talent of Pakistan. We help the recruitment partners to our best and facilitate them to ease the process. We also mentor and motivate our pupils to fully participate and get engaged in these recruitment activities for bright prospects.


IAC organizes an annual “Job Fair” on the campus which is an outstanding way to meet potential employers in reputed organizations and companies. This fair not only provides golden employment opportunities but also provides an extensive network for career exploration, socialization, and personal and professional development.
The fair includes numerous national and international companies from various industries. Student counseling is also done on a very large scale to help guide them according to their aptitude, interests and the scope of different areas globally. The fair has become a prestigiously great event for the students and the companies as well and still it is growing even greater for the large scale impacts it has on young students’ career opportunities and ease for the companies to discover fresh talent.


A noteworthy number of graduates and undergraduates from IAC like to go for higher studies abroad in different parts of the world. Representatives from significant international universities and local consultants come to our institution to have a one-to-one session with our pupils.
We host an Annual Educational Fair each year to facilitate our students through proper and professional guidance from the Leading Consultant Agencies and their representatives. Because of this, numerous students of our institution receive guidelines and proper information regarding international universities and the prospects of different educational fields.
We also arrange educational trips to different countries around the globe to give our students hands-on experience and exposure.