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About SADU

The School of Architecture, Design and Urbanism looks at design activity that fundamentally shapes our world. The School trains students with a specific focus on the region and culture. The academic programs are based on the process of critical thinking and venture into the areas of inclusive and participatory architecture, design and urbanism. SADU focuses on areas of community participation, creative partnerships and urban research to develop a specialized professional expertise and knowledge.

SADU is primarily concerned with improving the quality of life for people by the provision of an aesthetic and just environment (Built and Social). The goal of the School is to en-grain responsibility into the students by means of thorough guidance of faculty in a holistic framework.


degree to be initiated in September 2019.

Bachelor in Architecture

The Bachelor in Architecture shall be taught in a holistic and inclusive manner with subjects ranging from landscape, history, community based learning, architecture journalism and urbanism. The academic process and the ethos are derived from the founding philosophy of Institute for Art and Culture (IAC). It shall be centered on a learning process that emphasizes on social responsibility as the key professional ethos. The focus shall be on the emancipation of culture in design practices. This shall be achieved through community development projects and through field placements of students, especially in the areas where it is most needed.

Degree Requirements:


The students are required to obtain a minimum of 171-178 credit hours with a minimum GPA of 2.0 for degree eligibility. These credit hours are distributed over 10 semesters in a period of 5 years.


Bachelor in Interior Design


The focus of the Bachelor of Interior Design degree is to promote local, regional & global awareness of interior design and to come up with new prospects, to connect with design as a cultural activity in the context of art, society, environment and technology. During the course of studies, the students will develop independent and creative thinking abilities through a series of incrementally complex design exercises culminating in the thesis research & project. The program also aims at forging strong links with the designers, artists & artisans across the board alongside promotion of traditional crafts.

Degree Requirements:


The students are required to obtain a minimum of 134 credit hours with a minimum GPA of 2.0 for degree eligibility. These credit hours are distributed over 8 semesters in a period of 4 years.

Bachelor in Landscape Architecture


Landscape Architecture at Institute for Art & Culture (IAC) takes its approach from history to the current budding of the social and environmental conditions to provoke a dialogue that highlights social equity, environmental justice, and spaces for creative expression; the relationship between pupil and earth is explored by looking into the debates, processes, interactions and design problems. The program will delve into the definition of landscape as a body of visual knowledge that contains an in-depth information of land in relation to its context and built environment. The exploration of Landscape Architecture through fresh perspectives on the themes of cultural & traditional and historical & spatial/local geographies in connection with rising issues of global warming, climate change, food insufficiency and refugee crisis is intended. The degree bases itself in Urbanism and its consanguinity with earth.


              The contribution of various people from the field and the core faculty brings to the program it’s cutting-edge, up-to-date research and exceptional teaching skills, alongside secretaries and critics from an expanded network, will facilitate to reinforce exposure to the ongoing projects. The individuals wishing to pursue the graduate degree program in Landscape Architects from IAC would carry out their individual practices, work with the development sector and can pursue a career in teaching and research.

Degree Requirements:


The students are required to obtain a minimum of 134 credit hours with a minimum GPA of 2.0 for degree eligibility. These credit hours are distributed over 8 semesters in a period of 4 years.


The Post Graduate Diploma in Landscape Architecture is created for individuals with an interest in advancing their career options by pursuing timely and innovative issues related to planning, designing, and/or managing natural and built environments. The program investigates areas of Landscape Architecture through a year-long program of coursework, involvement in department faculty/project based problem solving and independent studies. More details will be provided in a separate catalogue.

Employment opportunities:


Research and Development

Landscape Architect

Urban Planning and Design


Regional Planning

Landscape conservation


Admission Criteria:


A Bachelor's degree is the minimum requirement for admission to the postgraduate diploma program. It is recommended that applicants have completed a minimum of one basic course each in the life, humanities, design, earth and social sciences.

Community Based Learning and Design Center

Community Based Learning and Design Center

Community Learning and Design Center is an initiative by the School of Architecture, Design and Urbanism (SADU).The Center aims to provide a platform for the exchange of ideas, perspectives, research, collaboration and building together with the communities. It is intended towards a community centric stand point, where they are encouraged to play the central role in their development process and to bring sensitivity among the professionals regarding communities.


The Center also focuses on establishing valuable linkages between academia and the communities, through various levels of participatory approach methods, a collaborative and multi-disciplinary mechanism. The political dimension of user empowerment and democratization is essential to the Center, where the community.

Meet the Faculty

Syed Fawad Hussain
Associate Professor

Coordinator SADU. Mr. Hussain is a multi- award winning architect with 15 years’ experience of architectural teaching and practice. He runs a successful architectural practice named Metropolitan Studio of Architecture (MSA). His projects have been featured in a number of national and international magazines. He has published a monograph of his architectural works and thoughts named ‘Assemblage’. The monograph has been reviewed by national and international architectural magazines

Prof. Sajida Vandal
Vice Chancellor

Prof. Sajida Haider is currently the Vice Chancellor of the IAC, CEO of THAAP and Principal Architect at Pervaiz Vandal & Associates. She is an expert in Cultural Heritage Management & Conservation, Art & Intangible Culture Education and Community Development & Empowerment of Women. She is distinguished Professor of Architecture and has served as Principal of National College of Arts Lahore for 12 years. She also has numerous publications to her credit including ‘The Raj, Lahore & Bhai Ram Singh’ and ‘Cultu

Prof. Pervaiz Vandal
Pro-Vice Chancellor

Prof. Pervaiz Vandal is currently Pro Vice Chancellor of the IAC, Director of THAAP and President at Pervaiz Vandal & Associates. He has also worked as a consultant at the World Bank in projects in Vietnam, Ethiopia and Pakistan. A prominent Educationist, he has been a Member of Adjunct Faculty at LUMS, NCA and Advisor to COMSATS University for establishing their Department of Architecture. He has co-authored ‘The Raj, Lahore, and Bhai Ram Singh’ and edited 7 publications of THAAP Conferences 2010-2017.


Aabidah is a B. Arch graduate from the College of Art and Design, University of the Punjab, Lahore. She is also working as an Architect in Pervaiz Vandal and Associates (PVA) and Secretary THAAP. She has co-organized several international conferences, talks, seminars and exhibitions.

Assistant Professor

Interior Designer.

Maha Mohsin Iqbal

Maha Mohsin Iqbal has done her Bachelors in Architecture and Masters in Multimedia Arts from National College of Arts. After graduation she taught and worked with special children in “Children’s Center” California, USA. She has also been working with Mohsin Iqbal and Associates, for the past 4½ years. Her interest lies in breaking the barriers and finding new meaning to the spaces and their design.

Mirza Hammad

Mirza is a practicing architect with key interest in the domain of architecture design visualization, representation and materialization. He has completed his Bachelors in Architecture from COMSATS, Lahore in 2012 and has worked with Artizans as Project Architect. He has also been affiliated with DesignersEast as Associate Architect and has served Pervaiz Vandal and Associate as Project Architect. Currently he is running an architectural design & construction consultancy named as Architorque.

Ahsan Ali Khan

Ar. Ahsan Ali Khan graduated with B.Arch from National College of Arts Lahore. He is working as a lecturer & researcher at the School of Architecture, Design and Urbanism, Institute for Art & Cultur. His research is focused on spatial narratives and storytelling which is reflected in his projects with Event organizations such as Verve and various media partners. He comes from a family of calligraphers and artists.

Sofia Mir
Assistant Professor

Sofia Mir is a practicing Architect & Interior Designer. Upon her return fromher Masters in Interior Design from Milan, she helped establish the Interior DesignDepartment for a US company Kit & Kaboodle (Interior Studio & Furniture Showroom).Sofia also experiments in product design with a furniture production team named Darsaaz(Isl), with a focus on revival of local craftsmanship.

Ayeza Ikram

Ayeza Ikram graduated as Environmental Scientist from Kinnaird College for Women in 2017 while presently she is pursuing MPhil in Environmental Science and Policy from Lahore School of Economics on full merit scholarship. One of her scientific papers got published in leading environmental science journal. Her research interest lies in exploring the impact and role of human activities in polluting water bodies

Meeza Ubaid

Meeza Ubaid Ullah completed her Bachelors in Architecture from COMSATS IIT, Rawalpindi. She is also working as Secretary, THAAP Cultural Development Program. Meeza has co-organized several international conferences and workshops.

Mehwish Abid
Assistant Professor

Mehwish Abid is Degree Incharge for Bachelor in Landscape design. She has done her B.Arch. from CIIT-ISB and Masters of Art (Architecture) from ULIV, UK. Her practice focuses on the aspect of experience in built environments and the processes & mediums through which the said can be represented. Her work focuses on architecture that was produced after independence and through the lens of conflict & migration.

Mehreen Mustafa
Assistant Professor

An architect, researcher, academic and education activist keen at investigating realms of community based participatory design with a special focus on informal settlements, politics of public spaces and activism. Her research inquiry also includes exploration of indigenous and marginalized cultures. Mehreen is currently principal architect of Architorque, director of IQRA (an educational initiative for under privileged children) and Joint Secretary of THAAP

Saniya Jafri

Saniya graduated as an Architect from the National College of Arts. She has a recurring interest in Urban Subjectivity, a reaction to being exposed to difference and complexity, and Interiority within the city, the subjective feeling linked to an exterior condition. She has presented research papers and is also currently developing her fine art practice using manual photography and montage techniques.

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