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The School of Digital & Cinematic Art is offering wide-ranged and thorough programs for talented youth to become a successful part of ever growing multi-billion industries; Game Design, Animation, Film and Television. Our programs are practice-oriented, providing hands-on training to the students in the areas of their interest along with critical thinking approach with an eye on the history and culture of our region. It offers solid foundations in all aspects of the relevant industry requirements, as we untie the entertainment, information and communication world from the general to the specific, from the theoretical to the practical, with focus on research work and special projects, aiming to put our students at the top of the industry scene. The school is providing students with best professional labs with education focusing on real world experience. “The school focuses on local content and cultural realities with its global projection.”


The School of Digital and Cinematic Arts introduces pioneering initiatives which unite academic divisions and encourage the cross-pollination of ideas in order to better train students to recognize and capture opportunities in a world where disciplines intersect and where industries are changing at fast pace. The basic teaching approach revolves around SDCAs caseworks, an initiative where series of teaching materials are focused on a single project and used in several core courses simultaneously. This encourages students to solve problems in a holistic manner, pooling approaches from a range of disciplines to develop creative, effective and holistic solutions. SDCA believes in active learning through entrepreneurial training, and bridging research and practice. Our instructional model combines teaching top-notch quantitative skills with focused critical-thinking and decision-making abilities.



Want to play

the best video game ever?...

Make one yourself

Bachelor of Game Design

The four-year bachelor’s degree program in Game Design is the first of its kind in Pakistan.


The program is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills, both theoretical and practical, through the latest interactive storytelling techniques.


Professionals from the game design industry are engaged in the teaching process while making use of professional quality equipment and labs established at IAC. Between semesters 6 and 7, the program offers internship within the industry. The final semester in the program is project-based, in which students work individually or in teams.


An annual Industry Day will be organized every year, where employers from different companies will come to meet students, see their work, and conduct interviews.



The program will cover Game Design process, publication and monetization for all the major app stores and devices such as google play store, iOS app store, X-Box, Play Station and more.

Along with the aesthetic design and conceptual development; the students will also learn the key softwares necessary in the game design and industry standards for the game design and development pipeline.

Degree Requirements:


The students are required to obtain a minimum of 134 credit hours with a minimum GPA of 2.0 for degree eligibility. These credit hours are distributed over 8 semesters in a period of 4 years.

Career paths:


Demand for computer game designers is on the rise in Pakistan's fast-growing computer gaming industry. With a game design bachelor's degree from IAC, graduates will be well equipped to find entry-level employment and move rapidly into intermediate level and leadership positions, including:



Level Designer

Experience Designer

Character Designer

2D/3D Game Animation Designer

3D Modeler/Rigger for Game Design

Set & Prop Designer

Costume Designer

Storyboard Artist

Game-play tester

UI Designer



Remember all those stories

your grandmother used to tell?...

Time to animate them...

Bachelor of Animation Design


Animation Design courses focus on providing applied, real-world skill development with a broad range of intellectual skills. Assignments and class work focus on case studies, simulations and lab projects. Between semesters 6 and 7, students will complete an internship within the industry. The final semester in the program is project-based.


The program offers courses which are designed in collaboration with industry experts and with deployment of state of the art studios. Rigorous instruction in both classical and computer animation will be carried out and the students will be trained in cutting-edge 2D/3D computer animations.

Students will be taught by industry professionals, using the same techniques and tools that they will eventually need at the workplace. They will create their own scripts, characters, layouts, and produce their own animated films. The School will provide career connections after year 3 for the students to gain professional experience during a one-month work placement.


Degree Requirements:


The students are required to obtain a minimum of 134 credit hours with a minimum GPA of 2.0 for degree eligibility. These credit hours are distributed over 8 semesters in a period of 4 years.

Career paths:


Demand for animation designers are on the rise in Pakistan's fast-growing computer gaming, TV channels and other related industries. With animation design bachelor's degree from IAC, graduates will be well equipped to find entry-level employment and move rapidly into intermediate level and leadership positions, including:


Art Directors

Character Designers

Creative Directors

Animation Costume Designers

Technical Artists

Set & Prop Designers

Texture Artists

3d Modelers

Rendering Artists




Bachelor of





The Bachelor of Cinema & Television program shall enable the development of distinct cinematic voices through the systematic widening of individual exposures in an innovative learning system. The students will learn to communicate effectively in various communication settings and develop an integrated approach to creativity, enterprise and technologies. The interdisciplinary approach facilitates the pollination of ideas and opportunities in a rapidly changing industry. It shall help students recognize their niches and develop their expertise in their areas of interest. The core courses devise a conceptual, historical, and critical understanding of film and media, which emphasize sensitivity to cultural identities and spatial and temporal realities of the story characters. The students learn to discover the many selves hidden within the dominant identity of a person to personify them in films.


Cinema and Television students will learn to distinguish between percepts and realities to verbalize and film stories on core human issues. The program shall create professionals who are in touch with the society and can produce culturally sensitive, politically aware, and intellectually rich content worthy of a cultural heritage. The school emphasizes on originality, creativity, and maturity for developing film and media content that responds to digital diversity and cultural domination. The students shall learn to capture the holistic approach to learning film and media arts in keeping with the context of the 21st century.

Degree Requirements:


The students are required to obtain a minimum of 134 credit hours with a minimum GPA of 2.0 for degree eligibility. These credit hours are distributed over 8 semesters in a period of 4 years.

Career paths:


Demand for filmmakers has increased gradually with good films coming to the box office, growth in TV channels. With Film & TV bachelor's degree from IAC, graduates will be well equipped to find employments including:





Production Designer


Set & Prop Designers

Script, Screenplay & Dialog Writers

TV Directors



Mobile Phone Film-making

    Incubation Center

    IAC introduces Incubation Center administer by SDCA envisioned to bring together academia and industry. Incubation Center will work as Gaming, Animation and Film Venture Accelerator that is designed to capitalize on the tremendous opportunity that exists in the mobile application, gaming, film and animation sphere.  It seeks to achieve its primary objective by supporting students and talented youth with a target of creating successful projects/companies during the course of its development. The success of these projects/companies, we believe, will create excitement and inspire young professionals and would-be entrepreneurs to take up the challenge of venturing thus creating a cycle of success and investment in this emerging sector of today’s knowledge economy. Incubation Center proposes to achieve the above set of objectives through activities designed to produce a series of benefits.

    Meet the Faculty

    Agha Reza
    Assistant Professor

    Coordinator SDCA. Concept and Interaction Designer, Multimedia Artist, Game Design Theorist and Professional. Creative Concept Game Design Consultant at VR Studios - New York- N.Y, Senior Concept Designer at Capital Design Studios, N.Y. USA. Art Director (former) at Englishmen Advertising Agency N.Y. USA.

    Shahid Nadeem

    In charge FTV Program at IAC. Leading playwright, director and founding director of Ajoka Theatre. Formerly Director PTV Training Academy and Deputy Managing Director. Worked as communications officer of Amnesty International in London. Fellow with Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles and National Endowment for Democracy, Washington DC.

    Marryam Khan
    Assistant Professor

    In charge Game Design Program at SDCA-IAC. With a master’s degree in Multimedia Arts, from National college of Arts, An Academic and practicing Multimedia Arts. My professional career evolved from print to digital and cinematic art that includes digital interactive art, app and web designs. Primary area of research is understanding culture and to fuse modern design with cultural motifs of different regions.

    Mubashir Munir
    Assistant Professor

    obtained his second masters from National College of Arts Lahore, in Multimedia Arts and his BFA and MFA from University of Peshawar in Advertising and Publicity Design. His research areas are in Multimedia Art Form. Within these research areas he has Directed, Written and Edited several short films, 2D Animations, Stop motion Animations, Claymation projects and designed more than 100 Brands Identities and dozens of full promotional graphic campaigns


    Shahzad Mehmood is a film maker, product and food photographer who has done his Masters in Multimedia Arts from NCA, Lahore. He loves to travel and capture his experience through still and moving images. He is currently running a film production house named Fundomental films and is also working as a faculty member at IAC in the School of Digital and Cinematic Arts.

    Naintara Abulfazal

    Worked as Teaching Assistant during studies and as Visiting Faculty after completing my Master’s degree at NCA. I joined the Teaching Nursery Program at IAC (2016) as a teaching fellow, where six months of training promoted me to Junior Lecturer. Besides being a full time teacher, I’m an aspiring artist and practice as an animator, illustrator and writer.

    Akifa Mian
    Associate Professor

    Akifa Mian is a writer-director who has screened her films in LA, Chicago, London, Germany, Dhaka, Calcutta and Delhi. She has been on The Academy awards selection committee twice and jury members for various awards and festivals. Since her masters from London in Direction for Film & TV her chosen medium of expression has moved from Theatre to Film

    Syed Atef Amjad
    Assistant Professor

    Syed Atef Amjad Ali did his Masters in Documentary by Practice, from Royal Holloway, University of London, UK in 2007. During his MA he received the One World Media Broadcasting Trust Award and was also selected for the Jan Vrijman Fund by the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) in 2008 for his thesis film “The Red Mosque”.

    Abdur Rahman
    Assistant Professor

    In charge Animation Design Program.Obtained his second masters from National College of Arts Lahore and his BFA and MFA from University of Peshawar. His research areas are in Animations & Design. He has been awarded with the "Abdur Rashid kardar" Gold Medal for the highest aggregate marks in masters from NCA Lahore, Gold Medal for highest aggregate marks in masters from University of Peshawar

    Zaffer Iqbal

    With a Masters Degree in Multimedia I have been teaching and practicing Multimedia for the past 32 years. My study is based upon the conceptual development & construction of story and visual language; I introduced the emerging field of Digital in education & developed programs of game and animation design to cater the needs of 21st century.

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