Collaborations with international universities and organizations and language courses including Turkish, French, Arabic and Chinese
The Teaching faculty are the heart of any institution of higher learning, and that is particularly true at the Institute for Art and Culture (IAC). We are proud of the distinguished scholars and researchers who make up our faculty and of the excellence and commitment to their students they demonstrate in the classroom, laboratory, and studios, and their role as mentors and advisors. Our teaching faculty comprises experts in a wide range of areas who are available to provide authoritative commentary to the students on numerous multidisciplinary topics.
At IAC a diverse community of intellectuals affirm the importance of art, culture, technology, and general education as the foundational principle for liberal learning. They embody and teach the skills of critical thinking, writing, and argumentation, and encourage the bold, self-confident questioning that produces student scholars of extraordinary intelligence, character, wisdom, and compassion. The dedication of the faculty attracts students to the Institute who care deeply about the quality of the learning in which they are eager to engage, who have a passionate commitment to conducting their personal lives infused by our intellectual culture and society, and who see the intensive study of the liberal arts as the best possible preparation for a successful career in one of the free professions or other prominent professional domains of life.
As faculty members, their priority is to help students. They have chosen a profession that allows helping students prepare for their careers and life. They provide students with knowledge and experiences that enrich their background, give perspective, and improve their ability to obtain quality employment. They help students think of areas they had never considered before and assist prepare visionary thinkers and leaders.
IAC under the SCE (Society for Cultural Education), in collaboration with Prospero has signed an MOU for launching CVPA (Center for Visual and Performing Arts) for students. We aim for the provision of a platform in the areas of Art, Media, Creativity, and its training and execution.


Performing Arts holds a focal point in transferring the Traditional notions of art and Contemporary innovations to the audience. This is executed by reintroducing the historical aspect and pitching their modern solutions through art. It has a subtle way of inducing its crux and core message in the viewers. It inculcates a sense of interactive skills and engaging communication in students. Not only encouraging self-confidence but also helping students ace in respective fields of arts holds a huge chunk in our goal.


Expanding the horizon of Performing and Visual Arts, IAC and Prospero in the alliance are leaving no stone unturned in inducing creativity in students of all fields by
  • Engaging the best minds from all around the globe to train our students
  • Initiating partnerships with the world’s leading art institutes
  • Providing a platform for students to exhibit their visions
  • Starting student exchange programs to encourage exploration and learning
  • Encouraging the amalgam of traditional creativity and technological advancements


CVPA to train students in subsequent facet
  • Film
  • Performing Art
  • Production Design
  • Digital Arts
  • Production Management
  • Cinematography
  • Game Design
  • Content Writing
  • Editing